No Surprises on Race Day!run19


Download the Course Preview Run information from our website to your calendar. Visit our Events page.

Throughout the summer, we will be hosting group training runs on the trail where the Fox Valley Marathon Races take place. Come on out, get a glimpse of what you will be running on race day, meet fellow runners, and knock out a long distance run all at once!



Due to runner feedback and knowing the importance of hydration during the warm training, all on course hydration stops for our 2016 course test drives will be at park district water fountains. The primary reason for this is the ability for our runners to freely fill their bottles and to ensure that water is always available for you! We encourage you to carry your preferred energy drink.


View our Fox River Trail Water Guide for fountain locations along the East and West side trails.  We strongly advise reviewing the maps and acquainting yourself with water fountain locations. We’ll have fluids for you at our main tent at the start/finish.

Of course this doesn’t apply to race day where you’ll continue to enjoy our abundant aid stations fully stocked with water and Endurance Gatorade as well as our two Clif Energy Zones!


See the table below for the preview run schedule and scroll down further to see maps for each day’s run. All runs start at 6:30 AM.


Date Full Marathon Training Run Distance Course Map Half Marathon Training Run Distance Course Map Run Host Location
6/17/17 10 Miles Full 10 6 Miles Half 6 Geneva Running Outfitters, Geneva ILC
7/1/17 12 Miles Full 12 7 Miles Half7 Dick Pond Athletics, St. Charles IL
7/16/17 14 Miles Full 14 8 Miles Half 8 Geneva Running Outfitters, Geneva IL
7/30/17 16 Miles Full 16 9 Miles Half 9 Dick Pond Athletics, St. Charles IL
8/13/17 18 Miles Full 18 10 Miles Half 10 Geneva Running Outfitters, Geneva IL
8/26/17 20 Miles Full 20 11 Miles Half 11 Dick Pond Athletics, St. Charles IL