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07/16 It’s Official!  BQ2 2016 gets you into Boston 2017

Boston Athletic Association has announced the registration schedule for Boston 2017.  Early registration opens 09/12, the Monday after BQ.2 for those runners 20minutes (Monday), 1o minutes (Wednesday) or 5 minutes (Friday) under their qualifying time. General registration opens Monday 09/19.MoreButton

07/01  Bib Number Assignments are Available 

Check after 07/01 to see your Bib#.  It is based on qualifying pace. In the 3:45 qualifying group the 3rd runner gets bib 34503 and the 23rd runner gets number 34523.  A quick glance at the runners next to you will show you who else is chasing down the same goal as you on race day.MoreButton

06/24  Who will you be running with on race day?

How many runners are in your qualifying group?   Check out the details on our website.  MoreButton

06/22  BQ.2 Course 2016 USATF Certification is Complete!

We could hold the race now! (But we won’t).MoreButton

06/17  BQ.2 Course Maps for 2016 Are Now Available

Construction along the course is complete, we are re-measured and submitted to USATF. The 2016 course will mimic the original fast 2014 course (clockwise direction so runners can stay to the right and minimize distance on the turns and a downhill start).  The map is available on the websiteMoreButton

05/05  BQ.2 Chicagoland is now full.

Thanks to past runners spreading the word, the 2016 BQ2 Chicagoland has filled in record time.  You can still get a great qualifying experience the same day (BQ2 Grand Rapids) or the same place (Fox Valley Marathon 1 week later) MoreButton

05/02  Runners World article on BQ.2 races

BQ2 Marathon Races are gaining attention as top qualifying destinations and Runners World has taken up the story… MoreButton

03/31  Price Increase 11PM

Register now to take advantage of the lowest prices. MoreButton

01/31  Price Increase 11PM

Register now to take advantage of the lowest prices. MoreButton

01/11 Registration Opens 8PM

Reserve your spot for the 2016 race to qualify for 2017 Boston. MoreButton

 2015 News

11/30 BQ2 Officially Tops List of Best Qualifiers for 2015

A combination of cool weather, a shared single purpose, and great runners has put BQ2 on top again! With 50% of finishers qualifying, you have made BQ2 North America’s #1 qualifier for 2015.MoreButton

10/30 2015 Runner Comments

Great feedback from all around the country. Thank you all. We’re glad so many of you had a great day! MoreButton

09/05 BQ.2 Runner Tracking

Get live updates each lap and at the finish showing times and pace.
1. Sign up / log in with Chronotrack – it’s free.…/tracking/eventID/15669
2. Search and select your runner.
3. Select a tracking method.
A. Runners – Select Facebook tracking  – updates will post to your Facebook page for your friends to see.
B. Spectators – Select Text tracking        – if your runner has not signed up for Facebook tracking.
                                                                                                  Each runner can have a maximum of 3 text followers.

09/04 Re-Certified !!! Thanks USATF!


Extra detours will not lengthen your race.

The starting line has been moved forward.


09/03 Day Forecast

It’s almost here.  And the forecast for race morning  
is just what we hoped for a Midwest mid September race – a cool low in the 50’s.
 BQ2 Race Morning
of rain
 52 oF
 5-10 mph WNW
 54 oF
 2-9 mph ENE
 52 oF
 5-10 mph WNW


08/25 Course Tweaking for Road Construction   MoreButton

In anticipation of road construction, we reversed direction, lengthened the course loop, and adjusted the start.
But now that construction has begun, an unanticipated small detour at the Southwest corner of the course has added enough distance to each loop that we’re re-certifying one more time to move the starting line forward and to take all of that extra ground out of the race and out of your finishing time.
A big thanks  goes out to USATF for their responsiveness.

08/20 Packet Pickup   MoreButton

Packet pickup times and locations have been finalized, and are made for your convenience.
Friday, 11am-5pm Geneva Running Outfitters, 221 W State St, Geneva
Race Day, 5:15-6:15am Race Village
Please bring an ID with your date of birth.

08/15 Runners Guide is now available   MoreButton

Check out all of your race day details including packet pickup, parking, gear check, Elite Water Bottles,  maps, post race, and much more.

– 3 Mile Course Preview Friday 9/11   MoreButton

Check out the course a day ahead of time at our 3PM or 5PM Course Preview runs.  Since it is a loop course, and easy 3 mile run can shake out your legs, answer your questions, and give you a chance to meet some of your pacers.  So plan to go to race village after your Friday packet pickup.
Hosted by Dick Pond Athletics and the Dick Pond Fast Track Racing Team (your pacers for race morning).

– Who’s Running 2015’s race?MoreButton

With registration complete, we now know which pace groups are larger, which are smaller, and where our runners are coming from.  With Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta runners, we have an international field with a heavy concentration from the southeast.  Get a look at how many runners are shooting for the same goal as you are.

–  In the News: BQ2 Nabs Top 2 Spots in List of 2014’s Fastest Marathons  MoreButton       

Focused runners, ideal weather, a flat, shady course, a race crew that knows what it takes, and extras that only a small race can provide combined to make 2014 BQ2’s Chicagoland and Grand Rapids events the 2 fastest marathons in the country (average finish times).   If you are as big a marathon geek as we are, read Race Navigator’s 2014 Annual Report on US Marathons for a look at the BQ2 details plus marathon racing’s economic, demographic, training, and result trends and more.

–  Eligibility Times are Waived beginning July 1.   MoreButton

On the sidelines, fast enough but without a recent Full or Half Marathon time to prove it?  Stop waiting!  Sign up now! Our eligible runners had plenty of time, and now it’s your turn.  Join plenty of runners at your pace and sharing your goal, and punch your ticket to Boston 2016.

–  It’s Official: BAA Announces 2016 Registration Schedule – BQ2 gets you there!MoreButton

2016 Boston Registration will open after BQ2’s Sept 12 event.  So Run BQ2 on Saturday, Early Register for Boston on Monday/Wednesday/Friday with 20/10/5 minutes under qualifying time, or on Mon Sept 21 with a time just under your qualifying standard.

–  In the News: BQ2 Tops List of Best Fall Boston Qualifiers  MoreButton

A little Boston Qualifying history and a list of great fall races await readers of the Daily Burn article.  Be sure to pick a race that gets you into the Boston you want.  Some are 2016 qualifiers and others will get you into 2017 (with perhaps a new, easier age standard.)