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Dear Runners,

The organizations listed here work hard to contribute toward your community at large and toward your active lifestyle in particular. They help making your town, your shopping, your dining, and your service experience better.  Please show them how much you appreciate their support by always considering them for your business.


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Dreyer Medical Clinic offers convenient access to 170+ physicians in 28 medical specialties in 13 locations.                   Request an appointment in less than 3 minutes by visiting their website.

Advocate Dreyer Offers Sports Enhancement Programs for Runners:

Advocate Dreyer Sports Medicine welcomes athletes of all ages, abilities, and sports to improve their skills as a part of our Sports Enhancement Programs. Designed to improve athletic skills and provide training for injury prevention, these programs are a way get that extra edge and improve your speed, power, and agility, or return to optimal performance after injury. Several programs offered are designed to help discover limitations in running form through video analysis, training, and exercise. For more information visit them online or call 630-264-8440.

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