Endurance Awards

Finish any Fox Valley Marathon Race for consecutive years to earn extra bling!

What are Endurance Awards?

Fast runners are great. But hey, we’re endurance runners, in it for the long haul. Being strong enough to run year after year is just as impressive, maybe even more impressive, and at Fox Valley, we want to recognize your accomplishment. Whether you’ve been with us for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 years, come back for another, add to your streak, and get a great medal highlighting your years with us.

PREMIUM Endurance Awards

Finish the DuPage Medical Group Fox Valley Marathon, Half Marathon, or Fall Final 20 to qualify for these PREMIUM Endurance Awards.

  • 5 Year Finishers – A stylish “5x Finisher” ¼ zip.
  • 8 Year Finishers  – A “10x Finisher” tabbed medal rack in anticipation of your upcoming 10-year finisher streak. A knobbed medal rack replacement option is available for a $40 up-charge. 

Tabbed Medal Rack

Knobbed Medal Rack

5-Year Quarter Zip

Be the envy of all the first year runners as they see and hear you with 2 medals hanging around your neck or wearing a new ¼ zip for you 5 timers!

Any race distance, any year. But remember, it is only for consecutive year finishers!

Register now before the race fills so you don’t have to start your streak over!

Congratulations to our 2020 11 Year Candidates (2019 10 Year Recipients)!

 (Updated 9/1/2020)

NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Barndollar, C10Virtual 26/20/13
Bates, E10Virtual 26/20/13
Benyo, C10Virtual 26/20/13
Blom, R10
Blom, S10
Boehm, M10Virtual 26/20/13
Bolz, R10Virtual 26/20/13
Brazda, J10Virtual 26/20/13
Brenan, L10
BRENNAN, C10Virtual 26/20/13
Brown, B10Virtual 26/20/13
Burns, J10Virtual 26/20/13
Carr, R10Virtual 26/20/13
Carter, T10Virtual 26/20/13
Cicero, T10Virtual 26/20/13
CONNER, E10Virtual 26/20/13
Cook, C10Virtual 26/20/13
Cooper, D10
Cozzi, J10Virtual 26/20/13
Creger, L10Virtual 26/20/13
DeCourcy, T10Virtual 26/20/13
Dizon, M10
Dluzen, R10Virtual 26/20/13
NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Ebbesen, J10Virtual 26/20/13
Goerich, B10Virtual 26/20/13
Hague, L10Virtual 26/20/13
Hamill, F10Virtual 26/20/13
Henning, B10Virtual 26/20/13
Hurst, B10Virtual 26/20/13
Kelly, M10Virtual 26/20/13
Kern, D10Virtual 26/20/13
Korpela, D10Virtual 26/20/13
Krause, L10Virtual 26/20/13
Krup, W10Virtual 5K
LaBelle, D10Virtual 26/20/13
Landon, S10Virtual 26/20/13
Maffey, J10Virtual 26/20/13
Mangan, P10Virtual 26/20/13
Marshall, J10Virtual 26/20/13
McDiarmid, M10Virtual 26/20/13
Miller, R10Virtual 26/20/13
Nakanishi, M10Virtual 26/20/13
Miller, B913
Nakanishi, M926
NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Nickel, C10Virtual 5K
Ognibene, A10
Peters, M10Virtual 26/20/13
Potaczek, D10
Richter, M10Virtual 5K
Ruhl, D10Virtual 26/20/13
Ryan, T10Virtual 26/20/13
Schmidt, E10
Schultz, B10Virtual 5K
Sekelsky, M10
Sochacki, J10Virtual 26/20/13
Spadafora, T10Virtual 26/20/13
Steele, M10Virtual 26/20/13
Sumugod, R10
Taylor, J10Virtual 26/20/13
Toma, J10
Uras, A10Virtual 26/20/13
Wedow, E10
Wells, M10
Wittleder, J10Virtual 26/20/13
Zeigler, H10Virtual 26/20/13
Zumdahl, D10

Congratulations to our 2020 10 Year Candidates (2019 9 Year Recipients)!

 (Updated 9/1/2020)

NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Burmeister, J9
Castellanos, K9Virtual 26/20/13
Chadwell, C9Virtual 26/20/13
Collins, S9Virtual 5K
Coyne, M9
Craychee, D9Virtual 26/20/13
Crim, L9Virtual 26/20/13
Danbom, J9Virtual 26/20/13
Digaetano, J9Virtual 26/20/13
Digaetano, P9Virtual 26/20/13
Ellibee, J9Virtual 26/20/13
Faessler, S9Virtual 26/20/13
FOREST, D9Virtual 26/20/13
NameEarned (2018)2019 Race
Gesior, A9Virtual 26/20/13
Italia, E9
Keeny, D9Virtual 26/20/13
Kubelka, S9Virtual 26/20/13
Kurby, S9Virtual 26/20/13
Kuyawa, T9
Lee, T9Virtual 26/20/13
Lehner, A9Virtual 26/20/13
Lodwig, K9Virtual 26/20/13
Mayoralgo, J9Virtual 26/20/13
McLaughlin, G9Virtual 26/20/13
Olson, K9Virtual 26/20/13
NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Reilley, R9Virtual 26/20/13
Rothaar, M9Virtual 26/20/13
Ruhl, J9Virtual 26/20/13
Santiago, P9
Scheider, C9Virtual 26/20/13
Schneeberger, J9
Sheehy, K9Virtual 5K
VanKampen, R9Virtual 26/20/13
Warren, M9Virtual 26/20/13
Warren, S9
Waszkowiak, E9Virtual 26/20/13
WASZKOWIAK, S9Virtual 26/20/13

Congratulations to our 2020 9 Year Candidates (2019 8 Year Recipients)!

(updated 9/1/2020)

NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Bartell, L8Virtual 26/20/13
Biewer, S8Virtual 26/20/13
Breese, M8
Brosnan, C8
Chilcoat, T8Virtual 26/20/13
Crain, J8Virtual 26/20/13
Duran, S8Virtual 5K
Frigo, K8Virtual 5K
Gassen, J8Virtual 26/20/13
Gilmour, M8
Harbaugh, M8
Hills, K8Virtual 26/20/13
Ites, B8Virtual 26/20/13
Jerdee, C8
Johnson, D8Virtual 26/20/13
NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Jones, B8Virtual 26/20/13
Junge, M8Virtual 26/20/13
Kenny, M8Virtual 26/20/13
Konopinski, M8
Krull, C8Virtual 26/20/13
Leabhart, R8Virtual 26/20/13
Ludwig, K8Virtual 26/20/13
Lutzow, E8Virtual 26/20/13
McCluskey, H8Virtual 26/20/13
McCurdy, A8
McLaughlin, S8Virtual 26/20/13
Miller, D8Virtual 26/20/13
Minear, C8Virtual 5K
MORALES, G8Virtual 26/20/13
Oeltgen, K8
NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Oksas, C8Virtual 26/20/13
Parks, S8
Petesch, D8Virtual 26/20/13
Pham, H8
Quintanar, A8Virtual 26/20/13
Reinagel, H8Virtual 26/20/13
Russell, V8Virtual 26/20/13
Stewart, S8Virtual 26/20/13
Tumpowsky, A8
Vroman, L8Virtual 26/20/13
Weiby, M8Virtual 26/20/13
Wilson, M8Virtual 26/20/13
Wilson, S8Virtual 26/20/13
Youngdahl, D8Virtual 26/20/13

Congratulations to our 2020 8 Year Candidates (2019 7 Year Recipients)!

 (updated 9/1/2020)

NameEarned (2018)2020 Race
Anderson, C7Virtual 26/20/13
Arriaga, F7Virtual 26/20/13
Benoit, K7Virtual 26/20/13
Brown, J7Virtual 26/20/13
Chadwell, T7Virtual 26/20/13
Courtney, J7
De Los Santos, F7Virtual 26/20/13
Eichhorn, C7Virtual 26/20/13
Engel, K7Virtual 26/20/13
Evans, M7
Fitzpatrick, M7Virtual 26/20/13
Forster, C7Virtual 26/20/13
Funk, J7Virtual 26/20/13
George, C7Virtual 5K
Gerken, B7Virtual 26/20/13
Gonnerman, K7
Hamilton, J7Virtual 26/20/13
Hauser, K7Virtual 26/20/13
NameEarned (2018)2020 Race
Jayne, S7Virtual 26/20/13
Johnston, S7Virtual 26/20/13
Kamm, E7
Keller, M7
Kidder, C7
Koppang, J7Virtual 26/20/13
Kruk, B7
Kruk, J7
Kulevich, J7Virtual 26/20/13
Laskowski, C7Virtual 26/20/13
Lehnert, C7Virtual 26/20/13
Lincheck, J7Virtual 26/20/13
Malkowski, L7Virtual 26/20/13
Manikowski, D7Virtual 26/20/13
Marx, M7Virtual 26/20/13
Mason, C7
Mason, J7
Miller, E7Virtual 26/20/13
NameEarned (2018)2020 Race
Miller, M7
Muell, K7Virtual 26/20/13
Nagle, K7Virtual 26/20/13
Novack, R7Virtual 26/20/13
Pai, H7
Porter, A7Virtual 26/20/13
Reed Betkis, L7Virtual 26/20/13
Rogina, M7
Sheble, L7Virtual 26/20/13
Sincora, C7Virtual 26/20/13
Stilling, B7Virtual 26/20/13
Tamburrino, J7Virtual 26/20/13
Tamraz, M7Virtual 26/20/13
Tessalee, M7Virtual 26/20/13
Thiede, J7
Todorovic, V7Virtual 26/20/13
Tutskey, E7Virtual 26/20/13
Volquardsen, J7Virtual 26/20/13
William, K7
Wojnarowski, N7Virtual 26/20/13

Congratulations to our 2020 7 Year Candidates (2019 6 Year Recipients)!

(updated 9/1/2020)

NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Adolfo, T6Virtual 26/20/13
Boeve, P6Virtual 26/20/13
Bryant, S6Virtual 26/20/13
Calderon, V6Virtual 26/20/13
Carrozza, S6Virtual 26/20/13
Chavez, D6
Collopy, J6
Czernik, J6
Downing, S6
Evensen, A6
Falk, M6Virtual 26/20/13
Graske, J6Virtual 26/20/13
Haugen, S6
Hauser, B6Virtual 26/20/13
Hurlbut, J6
Kelsey, D6
Kirsininkas, R6Virtual 26/20/13
Klock, J6Virtual 26/20/13
Kosobudzki, L6Virtual 26/20/13
NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Kramer, R6Virtual 26/20/13
Krauss, S6Virtual 26/20/13
Lantz, V6Virtual 26/20/13
Malizzio, K6
Mancini, S6Virtual 26/20/13
Manning, E6Virtual 26/20/13
Masunas, K6
Moore, J6Virtual 26/20/13
Moore, S6Virtual 26/20/13
Muliyati, N6Virtual 26/20/13
Nelson, D6
Novak, R6Virtual 26/20/13
Olivas, S6Virtual 5K
Olson, E6Virtual 26/20/13
Pai, A6
Pai, L6Virtual 26/20/13
Patel, A6
Patel, R6Virtual 26/20/13
Phillips, B6Virtual 26/20/13
NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Pintoy, A6
Pomeroy, L6Virtual 26/20/13
Power, B6
Radman, L6
Ramos, R6
Rantanen, E6
Riebock, D6Virtual 26/20/13
Roberts, C6Virtual 26/20/13
Ruiz, M6
Schlesser, H6
Schuster, J6Virtual 26/20/13
Sharon, K6Virtual 26/20/13
Sternowski, N6Virtual 26/20/13
Sukowicz, J6
Thomas, M6Virtual 5K
Todd, B6Virtual 26/20/13
Urbaniak, J6Virtual 26/20/13
Willitts, J6
Yung, A6Virtual 26/20/13

Congratulations to our 2020 6 Year Candidates (2019 5 Year Recipients)!

(updated 9/1/2020)

NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Acup, F5Virtual 26/20/13
Allsteadt, M5Virtual 26/20/13
Anthony, M5Virtual 26/20/13
Bajwa, T5Virtual 26/20/13
Baker, A5
Bethke, P5
Bickley, K5
Birge, S5
Birkner, J5
Borre, A5
Bosh, C5
Brazas, C5Virtual 5K
Burke, R5Virtual 26/20/13
Burr, K5Virtual 26/20/13
Cabrera, R5Virtual 26/20/13
Carey, B5
Caruso, K5
Chapan, C5
Chappel, S5
Charlson, K5Virtual 5K
Chin, C5Virtual 26/20/13
Chintala, J5
Ciardiello, J5
Cieszykowski, A5
Collins, T5
Connor, N5
Engel, D5Virtual 26/20/13
Erickson, L5
Feerer, W5Virtual 26/20/13
Fischrup, T5Virtual 26/20/13
Fisher, J5
Fitzsimmons, V5
Fleury, C5
Freutel, D5Virtual 26/20/13
Garlough, M5Virtual 26/20/13
Garrett, B5
GLADYSZ, T5Virtual 5K
Gould, L5
NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Gruhlke, S5Virtual 26/20/13
Hansen, M5Virtual 26/20/13
Hurlbut, B5
Jatkiewicz, M5Virtual 26/20/13
Johnson, J5Virtual 26/20/13
Johnson, N5Virtual 26/20/13
Johnson, S5Virtual 26/20/13
Jursinic, M5
KACZYNSKI, D5Virtual 26/20/13
Kasi, A5Virtual 26/20/13
Kinder, M5Virtual 26/20/13
Klueppel, A5Virtual 26/20/13
Knight, C5
Kohlmeir, E5
Kostecki, J5Virtual 26/20/13
Kraft, M5Virtual 26/20/13
Krumsee, D5
Larrabee, G5
Larsen, R5Virtual 26/20/13
Laskey, D5
Lee, J5Virtual 26/20/13
Lewis, J5
Lim, E5
LoPiccolo-Bishop, A5Virtual 26/20/13
LoPiccolo, J5Virtual 26/20/13
Luedeking, C5
Maggio, J5Virtual 26/20/13
Maggio, W5Virtual 26/20/13
Makiejus, S5Virtual 26/20/13
Marsh, N5
Martin, K5
Martin, K5
MATZUKA, T5Virtual 26/20/13
McBeth, G5
McClure, E5Virtual 26/20/13
McGargill, A5Virtual 26/20/13
Menzer, A5Virtual 26/20/13
Moen, R5
Mohanty, S5
Moore, S5Virtual 26/20/13
Moose, M5
Morris, J5Virtual 26/20/13
Murphy, J5
NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Nepermann, P5Virtual 26/20/13
Olsen, C5Virtual 5K
Osman, R5
Page, J5
Pahl, S5
Papiernik, M5
Pelke, P5
Pierce, E5Virtual 26/20/13
Pitcher, J5
Rasich, J5Virtual 5K
Rasmussen, R5Virtual 26/20/13
Riddiford, T5Virtual 26/20/13
Ross, S5
Salek, J5
Sanchez, J5Virtual 26/20/13
Sandusky, J5
Sandy, M5Virtual 26/20/13
Schumacher, J5Virtual 26/20/13
Sharon, I5Virtual 26/20/13
Shtonyk, L5Virtual 26/20/13
Smith, C5Virtual 26/20/13
Stewart, N5
Svendsen, B5Virtual 26/20/13
Thompson, G5
Tourville, D5Virtual 26/20/13
Tucker, N5
Voss, D5Virtual 26/20/13
Vulich, T5
Walsh, E5Virtual 26/20/13
Webster, K5Virtual 26/20/13
Zamudio, E5
Zappen, N5Virtual 26/20/13
Zappen, R5Virtual 26/20/13

Congratulations to our 2020 5 Year Candidates (2019 4 Year Recipients)!

 (updated 9/1/2020)

NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Albus, A4Virtual 26/20/13
Andrews, I4
Barton, M4Virtual 26/20/13
Bennett, K4
Buchan, A4Virtual 26/20/13
Cain, S4Virtual 26/20/13
Calica, D4
Charlson, L4Virtual 26/20/13
Cizek, R4
Coleman, D4
Conger, C4Virtual 26/20/13
Cordero, L4
Davis, D4Virtual 26/20/13
Deang, R4
Degnan, T4
Droira, C4Virtual 26/20/13
Dutton, S4Virtual 26/20/13
Dyer, S4Virtual 26/20/13
Ekpenyong, A4Virtual 5K
Ericksen, J4Virtual 26/20/13
Escoriza, J4
Esquivel, R4Virtual 26/20/13
Fletcher, T4
Forde, D4Virtual 26/20/13
Foster, E4Virtual 26/20/13
Gabriel, L4
Gainey, L4
GALLAGHER, T4Virtual 26/20/13
Gelande, M4
Gerken, M4Virtual 26/20/13
Giannakopoulos, E4
Gonzalez, V4
Graff, B4Virtual 26/20/13
Griffin, G4
Griseto, T4Virtual 26/20/13
NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Hallberg, L4
Heffernan, R4Virtual 26/20/13
Holm, M4Virtual 26/20/13
Hughes, M4Virtual 26/20/13
Ingold, M4Virtual 26/20/13
Johnson, E4Virtual 26/20/13
Kempher, L4Virtual 26/20/13
Kettlewell, T4Virtual 26/20/13
Kolb, K4Virtual 26/20/13
Krawczyk, K4
LEAKEAS, S4Virtual 26/20/13
Luporini, A4Virtual 5K
Majka, N4Virtual 26/20/13
Marsh, J4Virtual 26/20/13
Martinez, S4
Mazzaro, E4Virtual 26/20/13
McBride, K4Virtual 26/20/13
Miller, C4Virtual 26/20/13
Mladic, J4
Mohrbacker, E4Virtual 26/20/13
Montgomery, E4Virtual 26/20/13
Moyers, C4Virtual 26/20/13
Nicholas, O4
Nykiel, J4Virtual 26/20/13
Okikiade, F4Virtual 26/20/13
Olms, B4
Oriold, L4Virtual 26/20/13
Pagano, B4
NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Peck, A4Virtual 26/20/13
Pettaway, S4
Quarcoo, A4
Ramachandran, D4Virtual 26/20/13
Ramos, D4Virtual 26/20/13
Rayner, A4Virtual 26/20/13
Rehder, F4
Richards, B4
Ripley, R4
Rogal, T4
Ruiz, A4Virtual 26/20/13
Ruiz, F4
Ruiz, G4
Rymarz, T4
Salamon, T4
Samet, D4
Schoger, A4
Schultz, P4
Schumacher, A4Virtual 26/20/13
Scott, R4
Sheehan, M4Virtual 26/20/13
Shelver, D4
Sherman, E4Virtual 26/20/13
Shtonyk, S4Virtual 26/20/13
Sidener, J4
Sincora, M4Virtual 26/20/13
Smith, M4Virtual 26/20/13
Smith, M4Virtual 26/20/13
Sundara, P4Virtual 26/20/13
Szarzynski, C4
Thilgen, M4Virtual 26/20/13
Vanatta, L4
Vogt, M4
Weiss, K4Virtual 26/20/13
WHITTIER, G4Virtual 26/20/13
Yturralde, B4Virtual 26/20/13
Zenker, A4Virtual 26/20/13

Congratulations to our 2020 4 Year Candidates (2019 3 Year Recipients)!

 (updated 9/1/2020)

NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Anderson, V3Virtual 26/20/13
Badmus, S3Virtual 26/20/13
Baehr, A3
Baker, S3Virtual 26/20/13
Bartel, E3Virtual 26/20/13
Biernat, P3
Boone, B3Virtual 26/20/13
Booty, J3Virtual 26/20/13
Bourassa, H3Virtual 26/20/13
Bradley, J3
Bragassi, J3
Bransky, L3
Brown, J3
Burke, L3Virtual 5K
Clay, A3Virtual 26/20/13
Clay, C3Virtual 26/20/13
Cohen, J3Virtual 26/20/13
Colin, M3Virtual 26/20/13
Crawford, M3
Davidek, E3
Davis, M3
Davis, P3
Dela Cruz, R3
Diddams, S3
Dill, J3
Donnelly, M3
Donovan, K3Virtual 26/20/13
Drummer, L3Virtual 26/20/13
Edders, N3
Filipiak, K3
Fleming, J3Virtual 26/20/13
Francois, A3
Garcia, K3
Gehrig, K3Virtual 26/20/13
Gibbons, R3
Griseto, N3
Gross, T3
Haber, A3
Hannah, K3Virtual 26/20/13
Helm, T3Virtual 26/20/13
Hengesbaugh, T3Virtual 26/20/13
Henske, E3Virtual 26/20/13
Hopkins, A3Virtual 26/20/13
Hopkins, A3Virtual 26/20/13
Hurst, N3Virtual 26/20/13
NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Ivancevic, J3Virtual 26/20/13
Jayaraman, D3
Jenkins, J3Virtual 26/20/13
Johnson, J3
Johnson, M3Virtual 26/20/13
Julian, K3
KACZYNSKI, S3Virtual 26/20/13
Kadari, R3
KAMER, H3Virtual 26/20/13
Kies, S3
Kim, P3Virtual 26/20/13
Kinsey, R3Virtual 26/20/13
Kling, L3
Knoles, J3Virtual 26/20/13
Knopf, R3Virtual 26/20/13
Korn, H3
Krawczyk, L3
Landon, J3Virtual 26/20/13
Landon, P3Virtual 26/20/13
Lauschke, M3
Lee, J3Virtual 26/20/13
Legutki, A3Virtual 26/20/13
Lichtfuss, D3Virtual 26/20/13
Lietza, T3
Logan, M3Virtual 26/20/13
Lopez, J3Virtual 5K
Lucas, S3
McCleary, K3Virtual 26/20/13
McNamara, D3Virtual 26/20/13
McNamara, R3Virtual 26/20/13
Mercado, S3
Meyers, J3
Mickelsen, C3
Minsky, M3
Moreno, C3Virtual 26/20/13
Mueller, C3Virtual 26/20/13
Myers, J3
Naylor, S3Virtual 26/20/13
Ngomanyi, T3
Nichols, S3Virtual 26/20/13
Nortell, A3
Novak, K3
Patterson, C3Virtual 26/20/13
Pekara, M3
Perez, J3
NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Piatek, D3
Picard, L3Virtual 26/20/13
Podge, G3
Prewitt, C3
Puga, J3
Ramos, R3
Reganato, A3Virtual 26/20/13
Remrey, D3
Ricketts, C3Virtual 26/20/13
Riportella, K3
Riportella, K3
Robson, J3Virtual 26/20/13
Rodriguez, J3
Ruettiger, J3
Salek, W3
Salgado, R3
Sanders, N3Virtual 26/20/13
Schaefer, K3Virtual 26/20/13
Schneider, C3Virtual 26/20/13
Schorsch, P3
Schreiber, S3
Schroeder, W3
Schwarz, M3
Serrato, G3Virtual 26/20/13
Sheppard, D3
Sims, B3
Slowinski, D3
Sukowicz, M3
Sundara, R3
Terpstra, K3
Untalan, N3
Van Schagen, K3Virtual 26/20/13
Velasco, J3
Vincent, K3
VonDran, C3Virtual 26/20/13
Wagner, A3
Wallace, M3
Walsh, K3
Warren, R3Virtual 26/20/13
West, R3
White, K3Virtual 26/20/13
Wolz, A3
Wroblewski, G3
Young, T3Virtual 26/20/13
Zeidan, A3
Ziffra, S3Virtual 26/20/13
Zinser, K3Virtual 26/20/13

Congratulations to our 2020 3 Year Candidates (2019 2 Year Recipients)!

 (updated 9/1/2020)

NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Acevedo, O2
Albert, P2
Alvarado Santiago, I2Virtual 26/20/13
Anand, G2
Andrade, M2Virtual 26/20/13
Armour, C2
Arroyo, J2
Ascher, P2Virtual 26/20/13
Austin, J2Virtual 26/20/13
Barber, J2Virtual 26/20/13
Bare, N2Virtual 26/20/13
Barnaba, M2
Barr, A2
Baula, M2Virtual 26/20/13
Beach, D2Virtual 26/20/13
Beattie, H2Virtual 26/20/13
Becker, J2
Becker, M2
Beecher, B2
Behling, K2Virtual 26/20/13
Bennett, K2
Bobeica, S2
Bolin, C2
Bowers, A2
Brasfield, L2
BRAUN, S2Virtual 26/20/13
Braunstein, A2
Brink, M2
Bruno, C2Virtual 26/20/13
Bryan, J2
Buenrostro, L2
Buss, T2
Bustin, T2
Cahoon, B2
Calendo, M2
Carlino, R2Virtual 26/20/13
Carlson, B2Virtual 26/20/13
Carrera, R2
Carter, K2
Casaccio, C2
Cassidy, S2
Castillo Ontiveros, R2
Coe, J2Virtual 26/20/13
Coffey, K2Virtual 26/20/13
Coller, B2Virtual 26/20/13
Comerford, M2
Cornwell, C2Virtual 26/20/13
Courtney, J2
Craig, A2Virtual 26/20/13
Crowe, A2
Czajka, J2
Davis, M2Virtual 26/20/13
Davis, R2
Dearborn, J2
Deckrow, L2Virtual 26/20/13
Dent, E2
Diaz, O2
DiBeasi, V2
Diddams, M2
Dombeck, S2
Dominak, T2Virtual 26/20/13
Drake, L2
Druffel, M2
Duggan, S2
Dumoulin, C2Virtual 26/20/13
Eickenberg, D2
Elmore, L2
Fairman, L2
Fallara, D2
Fessler, M2
Fiedler, M2
Figueroa, N2
Figuieras, K2
Fitzgerald, M2Virtual 26/20/13
Flauter, C2
Flentge, A2
Ford, A2
Foster, L2
Froehlich, D2Virtual 26/20/13
Gagnon, E2
Galvan, G2
Gardner, B2
Gilbertsen, C2Virtual 26/20/13
Gilbertsen, L2
Gillespie, S2
Glaudel, T2
Graves, R2
Groenhof, C2
Guidolin, N2
GUO, L2Virtual 26/20/13
Hansen, J2
Hardin, M2Virtual 26/20/13
Harris, E2
Hartje, T2Virtual 26/20/13
Hashiguchi, M2Virtual 5K
Hayes, N2
HEDLUND NELSON, M2Virtual 26/20/13
NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Heilicser, C2
Henrie, D2
Hernandez, J2
Hill, M2Virtual 26/20/13
Holden, P2Virtual 26/20/13
Hudak, R2
Hudakova, M2
Hulbert, M2
Hunter, C2Virtual 26/20/13
Hunter, R2
Iwanicki, J2
Johnson, B2
Johnson, K2
Johnston, S2Virtual 26/20/13
Jones, E2
Jones, K2
Jouza, M2Virtual 26/20/13
Juang, M2
Juracek, A2Virtual 26/20/13
Kenny, G2
Kircher, D2
KIRSCH, S2Virtual 26/20/13
Krause, A2Virtual 26/20/13
Kreitzer, L2Virtual 26/20/13
Kreitzer, T2Virtual 26/20/13
Kshatriya, A2
Kulkarni, R2
Kuntz, T2
Kuryla, J2
LaBelle, C2Virtual 5K
LaFave Grace, C2
Lai, A2
Lamb, B2
Lando, C2
Lange, R2
Laurel, J2
Lee, C2
Lenard, L2
Lesters, B2
Lilley, A2
Linden, M2Virtual 26/20/13
London, N2
Long, B2
Mackenzie, W2Virtual 5K
Maksinski, M2
Maloney, D2
Manikowski, J2
Mannava, L2
Marker, K2
Martell, J2
Mata, C2
Mayle, D2
McAdams, J2Virtual 26/20/13
McCall, C2
McCarthy, A2
McClain, J2
McFarland, R2
McGuffog, N2
McKenna, R2Virtual 26/20/13
McManus, C2
Meiner, R2Virtual 26/20/13
Micheli, J2
Milewski, J2Virtual 26/20/13
Mills, C2Virtual 26/20/13
Minuth, A2
Misner, J2
Montleon, A2
Mortell, J2
Mortell, N2
Mulvey, P2Virtual 26/20/13
Murff, D2
Muroi, C2
Musson, M2
Naill, J2Virtual 26/20/13
Nelson, I2
Nigoza, T2
Niles, B2
Nilson, R2Virtual 26/20/13
Nowakowski, S2
O’Sullivan, M2
Owens, F2Virtual 26/20/13
Pandey, S2
Papciak, C2
Parikh, S2Virtual 26/20/13
Parker, C2
Partyka, E2Virtual 26/20/13
Patterson, T2Virtual 26/20/13
Paulson, K2
Paulson, T2
Pavlik, D2
Pearce, K2
Pearce, M2
Pham, N2
Phelan, D2Virtual 26/20/13
Pignatiello, C2
Piszczek, D2
Piszczek, R2
NameEarned (2019)2020 Race
Ponce-Villarreal, A2
Poore, M2Virtual 26/20/13
Poulton, R2
Powers, D2
Qiu, X2
Rahman, R2
Reardanz, M2Virtual 26/20/13
Remrey, M2Virtual 5K
Reyes, R2
Reyes, T2
Rhodes, J2
Riddle, M2
Rivera, G2
Roberts, P2
Rose, D2Virtual 26/20/13
Rose, J2
Rosentreter, C2
Rosignolo, J2Virtual 26/20/13
Rowland, B2
Russell, E2Virtual 26/20/13
Rutkowski, C2
Saf, J2
Sanfacon, M2
Santiago, E2
Sarra, L2
Scheideler, M2
Schmitt, T2
Schneff, B2
Schroeder, A2Virtual 26/20/13
Schroeder, R2
Seigel, M2
Seigle, M2Virtual 5K
Selz, T2
Shannon, B2
Shenton, J2
Siberz, J2
Siddons, G2
Simon, D2
Sluis, K2
Smith, B2
Smith, C2Virtual 26/20/13
Snipe, S2
SOLTWEDEL, C2Virtual 26/20/13
SOLTWEDEL, G2Virtual 26/20/13
Spain, S2
Spulak, J2
Stewart, B2
Stockwell, S2
Strasse, T2
Stremler, D2
Subramanian, I2
Subramony, M2
Sudhir, S2
Sundstrom, G2Virtual 26/20/13
Susral, B2
Sutton, P2
Swetz, M2
Tamraz, J2Virtual 26/20/13
Tardiff, D2Virtual 26/20/13
Tecuanhuehue, H2
Thomas, D2
Thrift Rhodes, M2
Transon, R2Virtual 26/20/13
Trch, K2
Tylka, J2Virtual 26/20/13
Uhlhorn, C2
Villarreal, S2
Viloria, P2
Volquardsen, C2Virtual 5K
Vose, C2
Vreeland, R2
Walter, R2Virtual 26/20/13
Ward, C2
Watson, T2Virtual 26/20/13
Weber, M2Virtual 26/20/13
Weyant, D2
White, K2Virtual 26/20/13
Wickens, C2
Wicyk, M2
Wietbrock, S2Virtual 26/20/13
Wilkins, D2Virtual 26/20/13
Wilson, A2
Wilson, D2
Winters, J2
Winters, M2Virtual 26/20/13
Winters, T2
Wlodek, A2Virtual 26/20/13
Wolf, B2
Yi, S2Virtual 26/20/13
Yip, K2
Young, L2Virtual 26/20/13
Zappen, R2
Zarate, E2

Congratulations to our 2020 2 Year Candidates (2019 first year finishers)!

 (updated 9/1/2020)


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