SEPTEMBER 17, 2023 • 7 a.m. for 26, 13.1 and 20 • 7:10 a.m. for 5K • ST CHARLES IL

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Fox Valley?

The race start in St Charles IL is due west of Chicago and is convenient from Chicago O’Hare, Chicago Midway, or Rockford airports.

Is the race a Boston Qualifier? What year Boston?

Yes, the Fox Valley Marathon is a Boston Qualifier, however the Boston year is TBD. The course and race size and timing make it an ideal candidate for those looking for a last chance to get into Boston, and with good weather, it has been among the top 25 US qualifying races (based on % of finishers.) Boston hopefuls, be sure to check out the nation’s best Boston Qualifier (Last Chance BQ.2) one week earlier, starting in the neighboring town of Geneva and sharing some of the Fox Valley Marathon course.

Is the course flat?

The course is gentle.  Anyone from outside Illinois (or Florida) would call it flat.  It does have some small rollers in mile 5 (all races) and 19 (marathon) but these are neither long nor high and many runners prefer the variation to a completely flat marathon.

What is the typical race day weather?

Summer heat and humidity typically break during the first half of September. Average lows for mid-September are in the mid 50’s and highs are in the mid 70’s, the low end ideal for running and the high end ideal conditions for watching and spectating.

Is it a good race for first timers?

The course, the no-hassle start, and our summer course preview runs make it ideal for first timers, taking much of the anxiety out of your first half or full.  And a half / full combination means that regardless of you half pace, you will finish in the of the action ahead of most marathoners.

What is the minimum age to participate in the Fox Valley Marathon Races?

Runners must be 18 years of age or older to participate in distances 13.1 or longer. Runners must be 8+ to participate in the Fox Valley 5K.

Is there a time cutoff?

Yes, we have to re-open the roads to allow for traffic, so runners must keep a 13:45 per mile pace (3 hour half marathon, 6 hour marathon) for distances 13.1 or longer. This is strictly enforced for the marathon and for the first 5 miles of all races, before the course moves to the path. 5K runners must keep a 20 minute/mile pace or faster.

Do you give finisher medals and awards?

Our runners can walk away with a lot of bling, including finisher medals, multi-year medals, and age group awards for the top 10% of finishers in each age group. Learn more about Endurance Awards and the Chicagoland Distance Challenge.

Do you offer race shirts?

Yes, our long sleeve gender specific shirts are runner favorites and can be seen all over Chicagoland and at races around the country. Race shirts are included with your registration, while supplies last.

How many aid stations are on the course?

Marathon: 15 water/gatorade/portalet stations (miles 3,6,8,10,11,13,14,16,18,19,21,22,23,24,25). 8 of the stations include medical support.

Half: 6 water/gatorade/portalet stations (miles 3,6,8,9,10,11). 3 of the stations include medical support.

When is packet pickup?

For your convenience, packet pickup is available Friday and Saturday before the race at the race Expo. Race day options are available, but restrictions and fees may apply and must be selected online. Learn more.

Can a friend pick up my packet?

Yes, with a copy of your ID with Date of Birth. For pre-registered race morning packet pickup, only the runner can pick up the packet.

Do you offer transfers or refunds?

We offer deferrals (see below), but no transfers or refunds.

Do you Offer a Virtual Race Option?

Yes, restrictions apply. See our Virtual Option page for details.

Do you offer a race deferral option?

Yes! Learn more about our Race Deferral Option here.

Do you allow switching race distances?

Any registered runner can drop down to a lower distance during the race and still be an official finisher, as well as keep their Endurance streak intact (see rules) !  Our timing company will see your distance run and adjust official results accordingly once you finish. Since you can up your race distance up until 7/31, you have plenty of options to choose what’s right for you. Learn more about the Switch your Distance option.

Do you have a Wheel Chair Division

No. The course has gravel and narrow points and curves that are not conducive to wheelchairs. A large part of the course is on a trail.

Are Guide Runners Permitted?

Yes, for runners with challenges as recognized by USA Track and Field. Contact us at by 08/01 to insure your Guide Bibs will be available on race day.

Are Service Animals Permitted?

Service animals only are permitted to accompany their owners.  Out of respect to other runners, some of who may be nervous around animals, we request that runners with service animals start at the back of the start corral.  There is no need to buy an entry for your animal.  The race is for people only. Our volunteers and medical teams are not equipped to handle animal behavior or emergencies.


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Combining small race atmosphere with big race amenities, the Fox Valley Marathon, Half Marathon, and Fall Final 20 are ideal for both veterans looking for a fast race, as well as first timers looking for an uncrowded, supportive, family-friendly race setting. Starting and ending in historic downtown St Charles, IL, the course winds through picturesque Geneva, Batavia, North Aurora, and Aurora to a spectacular finish across the Fox River that can be seen from over a mile away. The course offers fantastic viewing spots for families and supporters, as well as frequent and well positioned aid stations that are staffed by the most supportive volunteer teams of any race you’ve run.

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